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Qualitative Market Research

A few examples of the business problems my work informs.


Competitive Landscape Audit

Understand how your brand measures up against competitors. Understand it's salience and the unique role it can play.


Understand the values that drive your consumers' conscious and unconscious behaviour. Understand the tensions that their own behaviour creates.


Communication Studies

Do your stakeholders understand what you are trying to say? Are they seeing and hearing your messages? Do they respond to your voice? Do they think your messages have credibility and fit your brand? Are you saying something different than everyone else?

Concept Audits

Sometimes products fail. (There is even a museum !) Failure is not a problem. Put something real into the world, fail fast and fail forward. Research will tell you which were the good bits. 


Packaging Studies

Will the pack do it's job? Will it stand out on the shelf? Will it intrigue but also comfort? Does it say the right things about taste or function?

Small Business owner

The small business owner as a key consumer touch-point. Is he a brand advocate? Does he know how your product works? What does he hear from your customers?


Training and consulting service

My business purpose is to teach-it-forward. I am a research coach to corporate teams and I mentor selected young insights professionals one-on-one.

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