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Image by Kelly Sikkema

"This report will be shared globally within the business as a best in class example of a qual report."

Insights manager - FMCG

"I love this! Thank you Jani for always bringing such clarity of thought!"

Insights manager - FMCG

“We really like the approach you suggested. We would not have thought of doing it this way.”

Agency on behalf of a global fintech client - New York

“Your approach is different from what anyone else suggested.”

Insights Director Global Media House

“If you look at the number of PO’s we’ve raised with you over the last few years you have been and continue to be a strategic business partner to us. We don’t invest from our side into any agency as much as we do with you.”

Head of insights Sub-Saharan Africa - FMCG

“You have given me a new passion for qual.”

Research Manager - Global Consulting Firm

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