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I am a qualitative research practitioner

Jani de Kock is a Qualitative Researcher and Design Thinking insights coach. 

She has 21 years of experience conducting research in sub-Saharan African markets. She helps blue-chip organizations intuitively understand the people they are trying to help so that they may develop meaningful, human-centered solutions.

She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. 

She regularly contributes to industry conferences and publications. For Mental Health Awareness Month 2024, she was featured on the Life Launch podcast. She will present the paper “Can we feel our way to strategy? A neuroscientific argument towards intuition as a sensemaking tool” at the upcoming SAMRA conference in May. Her practical toolbox article “Design Thinking for insights people” will be featured in the 2024 Summer Edition of QRCA Views magazine

She writes poetry. She lives in Pretoria South Africa with her two daughters and her trophy husband. She cares deeply about the women of Africa. 

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