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Fun Quiz - do you lead with thinking, feeling or doing as a researcher?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Image: Unsplash

Research is all about intentionally encountering information in the world and making sense of that information. And for these tasks, we have three centres of intelligence at our disposal: Thinking, feeling and doing. We all have access to all three centres of intelligence but we each have an innate preference. If you lead with your heart, it means when you encounter information in the world you are going to ask yourself 'how do I or others feel about this.' If you lead with intuition your instinct will be to ask 'What am I going to do about this / what can be done about this.' There is a substantial body of work on this topic to be found in enneagram wisdom.

We can grow as researchers if we know which lens we lead with and then make sure we build in practices to access the other two. One such practice is working in a team. Use the tool below to determine which lens your team members lead with.

What you see depends on where you are looking from. Make sure you access all available windows.

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