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Our business model

First Person does not have any permanent employees. We work with a hand-picked panel of trusted independent consultants. This lean business model is founded on three realisations:

  1. It minimizes overhead costs and allows us to provide a cost-effective quality offering.

  2. Over the course of my career, I have worked both independently and as an employee. The times when I felt most fulfilled, motivated and creative were always the times when I worked for myself Qualitative market research allows for this business model and I have seen that it produces better quality work.

  3. I wish to be a mentor to like-minded insights professionals because my purpose beyond the immediate is to teach-it-forward. In my various capacities as a student, lecturer and practitioner I have become convinced that despite our best academic efforts, real learning only takes place through doing.

In my role as lecturer at a leading design, brand and business school, I have access to the brightest new minds entering the insights profession. This is my attempt at teaching it forward

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