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About our mentorship programme

So will students be working on my projects?

Yes! Your study will benefit from their energy and fresh perspective but they won't be at the wheel. They are being mentored - that's what this programme is for.

What is the difference between your interns and young research consultants?

All graduates start out as interns and graduate from our programme once they have worked on 10 client projects.

Can I refer someone to this programme?

Membership to our panel is strictly by invitation only.

We are an agency or market research company and would like to use your interns. Is that possible?

Yes. Depending on our current workload, our interns and young research consultants are available for free-lance work because the more exposure they get the better for us, them and our clients. They are available at a varying hourly rate based on their experience and skill-level. Contact Jani for a rate-card.

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